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Business and Creativity: why choose a Master in Fashion Management

LUISS Master of Fashion Management (LMF) is a major of LUISS Master of Fashion & Luxury Management. This programme leads you into the fashion industry with a completely different point of view.

Fashion shows, catwalks, models and luxury outfits. The world of fashion undoubtedly has a power to fascinate and attract superior to the one exercised by other industries. However the exterior aspects of this world, indeed made of catwalks, magazines and outfits, are just the final output of a long process in which creative elements combine with relevant entrepreneurial and managerial skills. For a long time knowing how to create, innovate and design have been considered the essential conditions for the foundation of a successful business or product in the fashion field. Today things are different. Competition is becoming everyday stronger and more pressing, therefore the market is now requesting adequate managerial competences combined to strong creative competencies. The model which is now emerging, inside the great international fashion companies, sees the creative director as the perfect embodiment of this double soul: on one side the creative component, as source of the business differentiation recognized and appreciated by the consumers market, on the other the managerial one, that enables to reach and maintain the competitive advantage position.

The fashion industry is a very fascinating world, characterised by extremely complex mechanisms. It is a field undergoing continuous transformations, it is dynamic, demanding and requires concrete competences.The next generation of managers of the fashion industry will have to possess a broad range of notions and informations. The LUISS Master of Fashion Management transforms the classrooms in meeting points between great professionals of this industry and students. Influent guest speakers will provide candidates with a learning experience made by high quality professional experiences, technical notions and compelling case studies to be inspired from. Students will be shown a 360° vision of the business scene of the fashion system and all the job opportunities will be described, so as to inspire, incentivate and direct candidates to the fashion area more suited to their propensions and capacities. All these elements make this Master a perfect choice for a future in the fashion industry.

The Master of Fashion Management Faculty grants new generations the access to the priceless experience of professionals of the field who are a crucial part of the history of Fashion both in Italy and abroad.

Olivia Mariotti
Director of the LUISS Master of Fashion Management

What will you learn in this master

  • Understand the mechanisms and the dynamics of the fashion system and its firms

    Understanding the mode of operation both of the activities of firms and of the ones connected to the external context; with a focus on the different business models implemented by successful companies

  • Understand the business strategies and the tactics implemented by fashion firms

  • Learn the modern key figures operating within the industry

  • Learn how to manage the offer

  • Analyse the distribution context

  • Become proficient with communication and image tools and tecniques

Providing knowledge and competences with a proactive approach. The LUISS Master of Fashion Management provides students the unique opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge, and methods directly from professionals of the field, as if they were doing an experience in a real fashion industry.

Marco Casoni
CEO Dondup

Market numbers of this field

The roles you could have in the future

The data on the areas of employment in the fashion field, broadly speaking, show the potentials of a market which is still strong.