The fundamental tools for understanding art and cultural heritage in Italy from ancient Rome to contemporary art


Curating Art: Museums and Exhibitions

As curators have become more actively involved in the production of meaning, their work has been increasingly read through the notions of "artistry" and "creativity". Exploring the meaning of “Curating Art” and how it is done effectively .

What is, exactly, an art museum? And what is an art museum exhibition? Which kind of experience can we have visiting an art exhibition? And which kind of experience should we expect or even demand from visiting an art exhibition? These are some of the key questions the course will deal with.

Our main topic will be about the role of exhibitions and other curatorial activities in communicating art. This is not an obvious topic, because art is, in a sense at least, a form of communication, so one wonders where the place of museums is to be properly located within the process of mediation.


The course aims at discussing this and related problems, connecting a viewer-centered perspective with a curator-oriented point of view, taking into account the resources, constraints and limits of visual literacy, background knowledge and dispositions, the relationship between aesthetic and propositional dimension, the possibility of a specific and not-replaceable form of understanding art.