The fundamental tools for understanding art and cultural heritage in Italy from ancient Rome to contemporary art


Renaissance and Baroque in Rome

An overview of Renaissance and Baroque that follows the transition from the symmetry and balance of the Renaissance to the intuition of the limitless universe, place of endless becoming, testified by the Baroque magnificence. From the purely Renaissance art of Michelangelo and Raffaello to the art of the next decades which will lead to the decorative and elegant baroque of Caravaggio and Bernini.

Renaissance and Baroque are the golden ages of art history in Rome. But the story of the city is a very stratified one, like a geological landscape, so it’s not so easy to clearly discern the patterns of artistic development and their fundamental knots, their causes and effects. The course will tackle the analysis of this complex phenomenon focusing its most relevant features, from the masterworks of Michelangelo to the triumph of Bernini and the revolutionary turn of Caravaggio.


A special attention will be devoted to the relationship between artworks and their contexts, the problems and agendas artists had to face, the specific and surprising ways in which artworks engage their beholders, address them and even put intriguing questions to the modern viewer.